Critical Care course Faculty Handbook and Presentations

Dreyer CC Faculty Handbook1.2 Introduction1.3B[2] Assessment1.4 BLS_ALS tutorial1.6 Paediatric ALS1.9 Hypoxia1.10 Shock1.8 Chest trauma1.11 Fluid therapy and Oliguria1.7 Airway1.12 Cardiac complications2.2 Confusion2.4 Spinal Injury and Transfer2.4 Spinal Injury and Transfer2.6 to 2.7 Sepsis, Obstetrics for surgeons2.3 Head injury2.11 Monitoring in critical Care2.12 SBAR Communication2.9 to 2.10 Anaesthesia, Pain Mx2.14 End of life Care2.13 Quality control2.15 Final course summary3.1 Damage Control3.7 Early post operative care